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Feedback on our easyRadio RF Solutions.

easyRadio has developed into a versatile global solution for engineers looking for an easy-to-implement, reliable solution that can offer them the fastest route to market.

Our reviews are completely independent and come from various sources including Element14.

Reviews & Testimonials

Element14 RoadTests


Review by 'konorengineer'

Total Score: 57 / 60

"When I received the package, I found a little purple box. The box is padded by foam, so the devices are protected well.
Inside the box, there are the following items:
2 eRIC 9 boards with jumpers
2 Antennas
2 USB A - micro USB cables
2 9V Batteries
1 USB stick (LEGO Wireless Mike - awesome!)..."

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Review by 'kas.lewis'

Total Score: 57 / 60

"First Impressions after opening the kit it is a simple step to get the kit working to see what the kit is capable of. It is this step that gives the user there first impressions of the kit and modules and aid in deciding where to move forward with such a unit or not…"

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Review by 'roybunce'

Total Score: 53 / 60

"I started by running the demonstration which was already loaded onto the two radio module boards. The most useful demo uses one board to send an incrementing LED pattern across the radio link to the second board. This made it easy to check the useable range. I found that it worked reliably for about 100 metres, partly in open air but also through several walls, trees and vehicles. All this took no more than 10 minutes from opening the box, so well done LPRS..." 

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Independent eRIC Reviews

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Kas Lewis


"I would like to say the ease of use I had with your product was definitely a breath of fresh air. With a LOS range anywhere between 110 m and 165 m and no dead spots within a two level home this module definitely makes connecting medium throughput devices very easy. The eROS allows for fast and efficient programming to get your project up quickly and reliably. In setting up my sensor network I encountered little resistance and was able to get everything up and running easily. For sensor networks or other such systems this is definitely a module I would recommend to other engineers."


Jan Opbroek


"Really great kit. I am using the eRIC modules for a Diesel Registration System with RFID tags. The supplied software makes it a lot easier to develop my own program. The Configurable & programmable User I/O is really a brilliant idea. Just what I needed."




"I received the development pack and started straight away with signal strength trials. The transmitter was placed in a plastic enclosure within one building with concrete walls and fibre cement roofing. The receiver was tested for reception in several other buildings of many different structures including steel frame clad, concrete, fibre cement, and in open space. I did not once loose the signal within any other buildings within 100 metres . .. only once or twice did I find blank or dull spots within some buildings up to a couple of hundred metres. The trial exceeded my expectation."

Chris Rennie

CR Electronics

"Here are yesterday’s results testing eRA 434 10mW TX modules. The tests were conducted by M5 motorway, bridge to bridge. Aerials were waterproof 1/4 wave whip on same boards as previously used. The TX unit was placed on the Staverton M5 motorway bridge at roughly 1.2 meter clear of the metal parapet. The RX unit was taken to Writhy bridge where excellent and error free reception was observed at a distance / range of 2.62 kilometres (1.6 miles). The ground between the bridges was flat apart from a line of tall trees blocking the line of sight at the Writhy bridge end where the receiver was situated."

Sanser Smith


"Congratulations with the eRIC modules! We recently bought 2 developments kits and are very happy with the product. For us, a perfect mix between control of the radio / microcontroller and ease of use of the radio part. And as a big bonus, radio certification already included!"

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