ER17505 EVE 3.6V A Battery

ER17505 EVE 3.6V A Battery

A Batteries

Small, cost-effective, high capacity A size battery cell.

Product Overview

Part Number:      LPRS-ER17505S (Standard Contacts)

                            LPRS-ER17505T (Solder Tabs)

Capacity:            3.6aH

Voltage:              3.6V

Size:                    51.0mm x 17.5mm

Approvals:          UL, IEC4-4 & EN 50020 (Intrinsic Safety)


Datasheet:           Download

Technology Overview

Lithium thionly chloride batteries have a lithium metal anode and thionly chloride(SOCl2) active cathode depolarizer and electrolyte solvent, using bobbin construction and is more suitable for low discharge current application.

High and stable operating voltage: 3.6V

Wide Operating Temperature Range: -60℃to +85℃.

High Energy Density: 650wh/kg and1280wh/dm3.

Low self-discharge rate: Store 10+ years at ambient temperature. (less than≤1% per year at 20℃).

Hermetic stainless steel container & Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing

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